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2.3. Data Visualization

2.3.1. Display Window

Display window

Scroll Bars

There are three scroll bars located on the 2Dviewer. These scroll bars can be used to adjust what is seen in the viewer.

Display Buttons

Draw Full-extent Layer-extent Screen Grab

Manipulation Buttons

Magnify Pull Pointer Graticule

2.3.2. Table Window

Some table manipulations are controlled from the RiverGIS control panel. In order to select records in a table the dataset must be active and the selection toggle must be set for single or multiple selections.

Table Window
Left Panel Record ID and Record Name Fields
Right Panel Record Attributes

Selection Buttons

Load Selection Save Selection
Clear selections Reverse selections
Idle selections Idle reverse

Sort Options

The table can be sorted by field by left clicking on the field name. Sort Options include:

Record Menu Items -- To be developed

2.3.3. Graph Window

Table Window

Scroll Bars

  • Left

  • Bottom - Scrolls through length of time series

  • This window is opened by choosing Display->Open Graph. Select time series relation (created using File->Relate, X-axis ( date), Y-axis (discharge, temperature, precipitation, nutrient concentration.

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