Data Set Manager

The Data Set Manager is a comprehensive software tool designed for the manipulation, archival, and processing of various geographically referenced data.

The Data Set Manager defines a binary, geo-referenced data set format. External data sets must be converted to this format in order to be used by the Data Set Manager. The Data Set Manager includes routines to handle this conversion.

The basic functionality is subdivided into four groups. The input and output routines allow conversion between various external data sources, and the compact, geo- referenced format used by the Data Set Manager. The Utitility routines provide basic file manipulation and miscellaneous background tasks. Operation routines are procedures that are used interactively. These routines include visualization, documentation, and basic analysis capabilities. Finally, the Processes are routines which require a large amount of execution time. Such routines include interpolation and modelling. All Process routines are executed in the background.

Some of the program's capabilities are illustrated in the snap shot of the graphical user interface shown below: